steven shorty
hello my name is steven im a father of 2 beautiful kids who mean the world to me ive not had an easy life at all but im making the best out of a bad situation i love my family and friends i have alot of support from alot of people im a photographer and enjoy taking lots of pictures im very respectful and an honest man very laid back and appreciate the little things in life i avoid drama i work alot on my pictures i love to laugh and enjoy life my worst pet peeve is anything negative. Im a people person get along good with others we all have a wild side to us once in awhile but for the most part im a very suttle and relaxed person i enjoy my comfort zone nothing to loud lol if you would like to check out some of my pictures i have created a page on facebook.com/shortyspictureperfectphotography. stay strong and keep ya head up!
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