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Alain Pollak, M.D.
253 Weatherbee Dr, Westwood, MA 02090

Dr. Alain Pollak practices diagnostic radiology in the Greater Boston area. Dr. Pollak graduated with an M.D. 37More years ago.


Dr. Peter J. Kevorkian
1446 High St, Westwood, MA 02090

Dr. Peter J. Kevorkian is an international speaker and educator in chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Kevorkian isMore affiliated with numerous associations and foundations. He is president of the Massachusetts Alliance for Chiropractic Philosophy and chairman of the board of the Chiropractic Basic Science Research Foundation. He is married to Dr. Patricia A. Giuliano.

Dr. Kevorkian earned an undergraduate degree from Tufts University in engineering. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1982.

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