Natural Relief for Headaches

Headaches – almost everyone gets them. Whether mild, throbbing or incessant, headaches are known to us all. But the key to treating headaches may surprise you.

Headaches – almost everyone gets them.  Whether mild, throbbing or incessant, headaches are known to us all.

But the key to treating headaches may surprise you. To heal your head, you have to support the liver.

Yes, it may sound strange, but the liver is where headaches originate.

This mighty organ impacts all major body systems and is responsible for essential functions like detoxification, protein synthesis, digestion and hormone production. If the liver is overworked and unhealthy, your body will suffer the consequences, whether that’s feeling sluggish and drained, or having a headache.

For example, when we drink too little water, eat junk, smoke, drink too much alcohol, and don’t exercise, we are causing strain on the liver. 

Since the liver metabolizes everything our body takes in- whether that be food, alcohol, toxins or medications – it’s critical that the pain and headache remedies we use are not toxic to the liver.

Excessive use of some types of pain relievers, including ibuprofen, naproxen and especially acetaminophen, can stress the liver and end up doing more harm than good.

Natural and homeopathic pain treatments are not toxic and they better assist the body in correcting imbalances and achieving its proper rhythm and optimum health.

Feverfew and white willow bark (which contains a chemical at one time used in the manufacture of aspirin), to name just two herbs, are natural, effective, and non-toxic pain and headache relief substances that are well accepted and tolerated by the body.

When a sinus headache hits, it usually is attended by heavy congestion through the nasal and sinus cavities. Using a well formulated homeopathic nasal spray can thin the mucus, release the pressure and bring comfort.

Those with particularly painful headaches, or those that last more than a couple days, should immediately get emergency medical treatment, or see their primary care physician, or go to an urgent care facility.   Painful and persistent headaches very likely could be the symptom of a serious medical condition. 

Most headaches, however, are not caused by serious medical conditions.  But they are uncomfortable and bothersome. 

When people come to Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center seeking relief for occasional headaches, we conduct a thorough review and discussion of their symptoms and lifestyle. 

The more we know about a client and his or her diet, work habits, sleep patterns, life stressors,  medical history, prescription drug and supplement intake, and home and work environment, the better able we are to recommend and devise a lifestyle game plan for improved health.

That game plan may include a change in eating habits, stress reduction techniques, devoting more time to recreation and exercise, and removal of environmental chemicals and irritants.

Indeed, people who take care of themselves – when they mind their diet, water intake, exercise, and sleep – are better able to remain headache free amid worry, tension, and strain than those who are not living a healthy lifestyle.

While it’s not always possible to eliminate worry and tension, it is possible to choose a natural remedy for headache relief that will help the body restore its balance and eliminate pain in a healthy way.

Headache relief should holistically treat the headache –  not cause additional and unnecessary stress to the body.

Steve Bernardi is a registered compounding pharmacist and Dr. Gary Kracoff is a naturopathic doctor at Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center in Waltham (www.naturalcompounder.com). Readers with questions about natural or homeopathic medicine, compounded medications, or health in general can email steveandgary@naturalcompounder.com or call 781-893-3870.


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Daniel Fox January 21, 2013 at 10:52 PM
Great tips, Steve!
MCREMvonStauffenfritzpellmell January 22, 2013 at 04:56 AM
I know this might sound crazy, but I have had excellent relief from headaches just by eating fresh parsley! I know! But try it! It's good, and what do you have to lose? And no, I am not a parsley farmer, nor am I tied to the garnish industry.
janny kaitlen July 03, 2013 at 08:12 AM
Looking Relief for Headache? I found this video and wanted to share it :) http://youtu.be/FgHcae0YbK0


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