Xaverian Alum Shines Brightly On and Off Football Field

Matt Hasselbeck has been an All-Pro, but he's never stopped being a good guy.

Xaverian is known throughout Massachusetts has one of the traditional powerhouses when it comes to high school football.

The Hawks win games and send a number of players on to the next level to play collegiate football. But Xaverian doesn't just win at all costs. In fact, they believe strongly in developing the character of the young men who attend their school, including those on the football team.

Matt Hasselbeck, who after graduating from Xaverian played at Boston College, is not someone who has forgotten the values he learned as a Hawk. As a three-time Pro Bowler in the NFL, many would think he would develop a big head and think he's above the regular folks. The many who think that don't know Matt, who has been using his high profile athletic status for good throughout his career, including to help his teammates.


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