You Ask... How Did Westwood High Students Vote?

Westwood High School held a school-wide mock election last Friday. A look at those results compared to the official Town of Westwood election results.

On November 2, just four days before the residents of the Town of Westwood would cast their ballots, students and staff at Westwood High School participated in a mock election for President and U.S. Senate that was organized by the school's Legislative Council.

"It's important to give students a chance to see what it's like in a real election and to get a sense of what students think," Jake Greenberg, a junior in his third year on the Legislative Council, said.

The WHS results were in before the actual election, but now that the results from Westwood are in as well, Patch thought it would be fun to take a look at both sets of results for the Presidential vote to see how the students' views in this election compared to the residents in town who voted at one of the four precincts in town on Tuesday.

As many of you know already, Mitt Romney received 50.3% of Westwood's Presidential vote to 47.96% for President Obama.

Westwood High students had a different opinion, though. In the students' mock election, Barack Obama received 292 votes, while Mitt Romney received just 220.

Here is a look at how the students voted by grade. Interestingly enough, the freshmen and senior classes were very close votes, but the sophomores and juniors overwhelmingly supported President Obama.

Grade Obama Romney 9 58 55 10 73 36 11 90 57 12 71 72 Total 292 220

Staff members at the school who voted in the mock election also voted overwhelmingly in favor of re-electing Obama. The President received 58 votes to just 19 for Governor Romney.

So while more Westwood residents voted for the Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday, it looks like the younger generation in Westwood favors Democrat Barack Obama.


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