PHOTOS: School Committee Congratulates Elementary Math Meet Winners

Meet was held on April 11.


The Westwood School Committee recognized the winners from the 2012 Westwood Elementary Math Meet at its meeting last week.

The meet, held on April 11, brought 165 students from all five elementary schools together to test their team problem solving skills. Teams practiced throughout the school year in anticipation of the event.

Learn more about the event by reading about the .

Superintendant John Antonucci recognized the winning teams from the third, fourth and fifth grade competitions. The took the third grade competition while the won both fourth and fifth grade this year.

The members of the winning teams were as follows:

Third Grade - Deerfield School

Laurel Barnett, Ethan Blonder, Ashlyn Driscoll, Nora Driscoll, Lincoln Edwards, Will Homiller, Andrew Klaff, Katie Knox, Tessa Scolaro

Fourth Grade - Martha Jones School

Olvia Bloukos, Zachary Broderick, Elizabeth Bunker, Jimmy Clancy, Lillian Farah, Sydney Jud, Ashley Kutzer, Audrey Lassen, Andrew Ma, Tyler Markovsky, Hanna Matthews, Rea Nassif, Evan Plecinoga, Michael  Pond, Patrick Reilly, Justin Ryan, Lindsay Schissel, Joey Thornton, Adam Traister, Matthew Warshay, Jessica Wen, Anthony Wickett, Sam Zonderman

Fifth Grade - Martha Jones School

Michelle Bernard, Katie Bosco, Madison Brady, Sofia Conte, Taylor Fleming, Kira Hobson, Kathryn Lendrum, Jonathan Marvel-Zuccola, Catherine McCusker, George Nassif, Enahm  Oscar-Phoenix, Susanth Rajanala, Hannah Shaby, Noah Stone, Ashley Szeto, Larry Tseng

Antonucci also recognized winners of the fifth grade individual written competition that also comprises the event:

  • Noah Stone (Martha Jones)
  • Kira Hobson (Martha Jones)
  • Sofia Conte  (Martha Jones)
  • Susanth Rajanala (Martha Jones)
  • Alvin Tan  (Downey)


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