National Blue Ribbon Awards Ceremony Taking Place

Westwood High School being honored in Washington, D.C. this week along with 37 other high schools as "Exemplary Performing."

Earlier this year it was announced that Westwood High School had been named a Blue Ribbon School, one of 38 schools receiving an "Exemplary Performing" status from the Secretary of Education.

Now, two months later, the National Awards Ceremony is taking place. Principal Sean Bevan is there, as is social studies teach Jonas Sherr, who was chosen by department heads as the teacher to represent the high school faculty.

"It's definitely a great honor to represent the faculty," Sherr said in an email last week. "We have a tremendous group of teachers here. They really care about their students and with the help of our administration and support from the community, they've created a great environment for kids to learn."

Yesterday the events in Washington, D.C. were supposed to be filled with networking with other award-winning schools, as well discussions amongst themselves and Blue Ribbon organizers. This gives educators from all over the country an opportunity to learn from each other.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the range in schools that have been selected across the country," Sherr said. "There's a certain culture that exists in Westwood that's been very successful for us, but it will be great to hear what success looks like in other types of schools across the country."

Today the Blue Ribbon Program is expected to include discussions and recognition on leadership, as well as the awarding of a National Teacher of the Year Award.


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