With Few Contested Races, Low Voter Turnout for Primary Election

With most spots decided for November's election, just 12% of Westwood's registered voters went to the polls.

We already know who the Presidential race is between this November.

We already know who will be running for United States Senator here in Massachusetts.

With that being said, there weren't a whole lot of races being contested on today's ballot here in Westwood, which meant a lot of voters didn't come out to the polls, as just 12% of the 10,389 registered voters here in Westwood voted today. That number was slightly higher, at 17%, the last time there was a Primary in a Presidential Election year back in 2008. The November election in 2008 drew 86% of registered voters.

Westwood Town Clerk Dottie Powers said she had been really busy preparing for the election lately, but that it had been a quiet day overall with just a few kinks that didn't affect voters. She expects a bigger turnout when the races are contested in November.

Of the few contested races on the ballot, the biggest was probably between Matt Temperley and Joseph Selvaggi for Congress. The two Republicans both recently participated in live chats with Patch readers. Selvaggi received just under 58% of the Westwood Republican vote, while Temperley was chosen on about 23% of Republican ballots cast.

We now move toward November. November 6, to be exact, when Westwood voters will go to the polls one more time this year to cast their ballots.


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