Republican Town Committee Watches Debate, 'Feels Good' About Romney

The Westwood Republican Town Committee held a private presidential debate viewing party last night. Patch was lucky enough to get an invite to see how local Republicans reacted during the event.

While President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney were in Denver firing away at each other, the Westwood Republican Town Committee sat comfortably in a living room watching the debate to see how their candidate would do.

In their minds, Romney did very well, coming across as very confident and well-prepared. They said Romney knew more about deeper aspects of many of the issues as he came across much smoother and able to react better than President Obama did when he had to defend some of the decisions he's made over the last four years.

"From our perspective," Republican Elena Niell said, "Mitt Romney really laid out the path differently. He backed it up with facts. He was very well spoken."

Of those gathered last night, many said Romney handled himself in a more positive light while only gently criticizing Obama. They said Obama was stuck on a few issues and wouldn't back down, taking "low blows and cheap shots" at Romney.

"I had a sense he's not proud," Republican Town Committee member Dave Blomquist said. "He doesn't mention what he's done."

Much of the viewing was done in near silence with the exception of the occasional smile and laugh at one of Romney's quips in response to something Obama said. The group wasn't without emotion, though, peppering a few "yes" and "nice" as reactions.

"Obama honestly believes in social responsiblity," Republican Doug Obey said. "He believes the government should take care of everything. I loved how Romney used the trickle down and said the government has to get out of the way. We need individual responsibility."

"Romney seemed very confident," Republican Town Committee Chairman Kevin Dougherty said.


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