(The Former) Sea Dog Featured on Food Network Thursday [Video]

It may not be open anymore, but the show that was filmed last year will air on the Food Network Thursday.

Northborough's Sea Dog Steak & Ale closed down rather abruptly in December, and not long after it had filmed a show with the Food Network.

In mid-September, guests were invited to take part in the filming of a "culinary show for a major network." No one knew the name of the show until they arrived for filming, and at that point, signed a waiver not to talk about it.

Sea Dog was to be featured in the Food Network's "Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell," and filmed the show that pitted two chefs against one another, vying for the job.

There were two seatings (we were invited to one), with each chef offering their menu of two entrees, appetizer and dessert. Guests became a part of the show, and Burrell interviewed quite a few. With the open layout, it was easy (and interesting) to watch the filming.

Attached are scenes from the filming last September.

The episode, called "Gastro Pub," airs this Thursday at 10 p.m. on the Food Network.

The description on the Food Network's website: "Sea Dog Steak & Ale, in Massachusetts, is looking for an executive chef who can create cutting-edge "gastro pub" cuisine. Chef Anne Burrell brings in four candidates who are tested on creating a dish for a beer pairing and making a gastro pub dish using live lobster. The two remaining chefs are each given the opportunity to run the restaurant for an evening: One chef has to trash an entire dish while the other has trouble taking control of the kitchen."

of its liquor license. The status, he said, would give management time to re-evaluate the Sea Dog, and quite possibly open under a new name, a new brand and a new approach.

We're not sure what that means for the chef who "gets the job" on Anne Burrell's show.

Karlene Blaser February 13, 2013 at 02:13 PM
My husband and I went there last year for our anniversary and we were sorely disappointed. The food was quite under par for any kind of restaurant. We later found out that a few of our friends had been there and were of the same opinion.
Julie B February 15, 2013 at 07:10 AM
The winning chef didn't take the job. Maybe if she had the restaurant could have had a chance. http://blog.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/2013/02/chef-wanted-sea-dog-steak-ale-update/


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