Developers to Present Plans for University Station

The Planning Board will meet with developers on June 12 for an informal public meeting on the revamped project.

Plans are beginning to materialze for University Station.

Developers for  have requested a pre-application meeting with the Westwood Planning Board next week.

The meeting, to be held at the cafeteria on June 12 at 7:30 p.m., will feature an informal discussion between developers of the project and the Planning Board.

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting, which will include discussions as well as the potential unveiling of a high-level concept plan for University Station, according to Westwood Economic Development Officer Chris McKeown

"The developer wanted to come in and talk about the process and scheduling," McKeown told the Westwood Board of Selectmen Monday night. 

McKeown added that he's been contacted by various businesses on University Avenue as of late, due to heightened activity of developers in the area.

"We want the public to know that this is the first time we will collectively see the plans that the developers have for this," McKeown told Westwood Patch. "From the master plan, there should be the separate phasing plans hashed out, but this is the first time we will see something for this."

Infamously known as the Westwood Station project, the newly-dubbed University Station effort comprises a partnership between New England Development, Eastern Real Estate, National Development/Charles River Realty Investors and Clarion Partners, and entails the acquisition of 130 acres of land. The goal of the mixed-use development project is to include retail, housing, office and hotel use.

While no dates have been set as to the start of construction, McKeown said theoretically it could begin as early as next spring. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in 2014, . 

McKeown added Monday night that the town has organized a way to keep the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen updated on the process weekly through an electronic spreadsheet document. 

While this will be the first public setting for what could be to come for the newly revamped project, .

"We've kept an ongoing contact with all the players through this whole transition period," said Town Administrator Mike Jaillet. "This is the first public presentation of what the developer is looking to do with that land."

The meeting is not particularly designed for public input, Jaillet added, but is meant to rather serve as a platform in which Planning Board members can get an initial few and provide reaction for what the developers have planned.

"There are various things that would get discussed in this process," he said.

The proposal is the first item on the Planning Board's agenda for Tuesday night.


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