LIVE BLOG: October Special Town Meeting 2012 - Day 3

Special Town Meeting approved and appropriated $81,000 for Herb Chasan's Hoops & Homework proposal.

Special Town Meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 or when a quorum is reached.

On tap tonight is a discussion and vote on a Hoops & Homework proposal and how to send $1.7 million in additional state aid. There have been letters to Framingham Patch that indicate that Town Meeting members will ask for and

The Framingham Schools had original requested $899,000 but Superintendent Stacy Scott told the School Committee Monday night he has reached a compromise with the CFO to hav the schools receive $600,000. All appropriations will need approval by Town Meeting.

Framingham Patch will be live blogging.


7:39 p.m. Quroum

Herb Chasan = TMM4 - speaking on Article 10 - Hoops & Homework presentation. Chasan is the sponsor.

Given 10 minutes to speak.

Goals of the program -- youth to have a safe and productive way to spend time after school - this is when kids have been getting trouble.

Moderator asking for quiet in the hall...

Chasan -- want program to self-sustainable.

future funding with Afterschool Alliance. Don't want to come back for $81,000 next year .. CDBG money is available . for Precinct 17 - highest proverty in town - support of United Way ...

lots of help available for low income - high poverty area

three locations - pelham apt, cochitutate homes, Carlson Road

They look like they are close -- theyare concerned about safety too. She really wants the kids in the neighborhood.

Pelham apartments - over 1,000 kids ... 18 years in business successfully -started at first by funding through Framingham Housing authority, police

lot of the homework today you need a computer ... for many of these kids there is no computer at home.

Cochituate homes - second site for the program - 350 kids

Invite everyone to come down and walk the walk ...

Third site - Carlson &  Pusan Road -- planning to use room on the left ... lots of apartments

Why improve the neighborhood -- wants to keep the kids in the neighborhood, lots of he parents work all the time, looking for less crime...

Facts -- $81,000 is a lot of money -- if we can save one kid -- $82,000 is what it costs to keep a kid in DYS one year .. money well spent.

$1 investment saves $3 .. Chasan

Ned Price -- TMM 17 --speaking -- there are about 10 homes in the precinct and the rest are subsidized housing -- this is first time putting in something only for the precinct where I live... recently visited the Pelham program and quite impressed with the programs they are running ..I hope you will support the article ...

7:54 p.m. -- Committee reports

FinCom chair - Dan Lampl - precinct 8 -- Finance Committee discussed the article -- this type of program is a valauable of the community but should be funded privately -- VOTE 4-0-2 not to recommend

ways & means chair - Audrey Hall - learned several organization to work with the sponsor on the programs ... spoke with Town Manager ... programs in the school and park & rec .. want to be sure nothing is duplicate -- committee saw a need for after-school programs .. so important for youths at risk .. all know school programs have been cut ...committee discussion on finding additional opportunities in existing structures or support from other organization .. no doubt need - how best ... motion refer back to sponsor 9-3-0.

Selectmen chair Charlie speaking -- board expressed support for it ... but worried about a number of details -- how success would be measured and sutained in future years -- board voted to take no action .. hoped sponsor and town manager would work together ...

Standing committee one education - chair Melanie Godddard -- rise to speak to - no presentation by sponsor -- variety of questions unanswered - no vote taken

Town Meeting menber discussion - 8 p.m.

William Lebarge -- speaking - rise to support this article ... $81,000 may seem like a lot of money -- but a good investment - get these kids before they go bad ... do need to provide them means help them become productive citizens...seed money asking for ... come back in savings ... show that as a community we care for the all the helpless members in the community...

Bill McCarthy - TMM10 - speaking -- I'm against this article. Town should not be funding a program for he Framingham Housing Authority ... indictaed SMOC and United Way may sponsor in future years - why can't they do it in the first year? Whyc an't the housing authority support the program it self??

two things bother about article -- where does the town draw the line for other partments in town (program available for all residents in town) -- we could have every apartment complex and neighborhood looking for funding ... should town meeting decide which to fund? What if the funding from other sources don't come in the following year? Town should be last resprt for this funding and not the first.

Renee Faubert - TMM14 - speaking -- in theory these program are wonderful .. I'ma  single mother work fulltime, the school had a 21st century grant program, don't know which school these kids go to, there is opportunity to stay at Wilson afterschool -- I think that there is alot being offered to kid s-- don't think we should start a new program right now .. I think we should look at broad spectrum of the whole town .. too narrow .. the whole town needs to be looked at ... send back to sponsor ...

Ken High - TMM12 -- rise in support of this ... we should be a town that looks after everyone here .. I think this is where we need to look the most ... I think they do need help more than other areas of town ... concern about duplications ... there is no program in that area .. the kids with the roughest situtation from home ...kid sneed to get support they need and in their neighborhood ..their space and no school ...

Kevin Crotty - TMM7 - speaking - i respect all the committees ... but th ebottom line is -- a mind is aterrible thing to waste .. we have a chance to help some people out who need it ... we can leave the town in a better condition than it is now ..

Donald Taggert -- speaking -- C stands for communitym caring, cooperation and choices -- first step to reach out to a segment of our community... says we care about the young people .. please support this program.

Cynthia - Precinct 7 -- speaking the residents feel a great sense of disconnect - language bariers - negative past experience -- increase in youth violence andgang areas in this area .. challenge families face on a day-to-day basis ..growing need for neighborhood based support services ... majority living there are single families - with women as head of household ... she is a teacher at Framingham High School .. ask for your support of project

Ed Kross - TMM12 - speaking -- don't think anyone here who disagrees on the need - put yourself back to that age - what it would be like to be in that poverty stricken area ... concept everyone agrees good concept -- question for sponsor??? Why weren't funds available for this now? what agencies will step up in future years.

Chasan speaking -- been in with discussion with Framingham Hosuing Authority - interested in this - have a 5 year plan -- working on $1 million improvements to the memorial building  -- been in discussion with and Jewsih Family Services all in srong support -- they want to see if you are behind it also --

Gloria Geller - TMM2 - speaking -- question -- who will be the teachers, who will be the managers, and what about security -- I would feel better about voting for the program.

Chasan speaking -- Jewish Family Services are running programs at Wilson Elementary now -- they have limited money -- running for some 3rd graders and 5th grade girls .. they would be perfect ... theywould need to enter in a contract with the Town Manager ...outcomes will be measured ... the other model is the recreation center at the Pelham Apartment -- 18 years doing this kind of work ...

 Jewish Family Service and Pelham will hire specialists and provide security

8:20 p.m. Geller - followup question -- have anidea -- who will be the umbrealla for the program .. over reaching management -- make sure it works??

Chasan -- three sites here -- pelham, carlson/Pusan and Cochituate homes. .. each one of those areas will enter into a separate contract with the town manager...

Peter Pleshaw -  speaking --speaking that this will set a precident - I'm not going to vote for this.

8:28 p.m. Dan Giltinson - TMM14 - speaking -- security issues?

Chasan - $20 an hour including benefits ...

Motion to move the question ... 2/3rd vote needed - about 6-8 people still want to speak


8:32 p.m. Patrick Dunne - TMM9 -- in favor of the motion ... contractors come in and manage this ... key words in the presentation -- seed money... I think we can do this in Framingham ... some responsible party at each location - CORI checks .. get someone school and parks & recreation ... I had the same questions until I saw the words contract under the town manager

Norma Shulman - TMM5 -- I rise to support this motion -- encouraged by the number of organization interested to secure ongoing funding -- if we don't fund this limited amount of money - the kids will have to wait -- don't want to see another school sememster to put together a diffrent proposal -- like to see them get the services now ... my vote in support of this motion

Steve Orr - TMM1 - speaking - questions not answered on this proposal ... heard from all the committee reports -- against this -- talking about SMOC acting as the umbrella ... talking about 200 days per year .. 5 days a week all year long ... seed money talking about -- not guaranteed to appear in subsequent years -- this should be worked out in advance how funded in future years .. this should have come from the school board ...

Bob Snyder - TMM11 -- money we soend is tacpayer money not charitable money ... money we extract legally by the state -- only committeed to do that to do functions as a town .. one is dept of education .. this is a classic charity .. something we can contribute too .. don't take this from the taxpayers ... I am voting against this

8:42 p.m.

Elsa - TMM6 --first year as a town meeting -- never missed an election in my 48 years here in Framingham - I am appaulled and saddened this is the character of out town ... Ned Price said this is first time anything ever done for precinct 17 ... majority of people in Framingham have never been in Precinct 17 .. it might as well be a foreign country to most people in Framingham .... from what I hear from a lot of you - you don't care about them... how can that be more important that little children in town .. $81,000 is a little amount ... I highly support this .. in a human level .. embrarassed by how some of you feel about this

MOVE the question -- 2/3 rd vote needed -- question moved via hand

8:46 p.m. Point of Order -- question the vote ... so now electronic vote

82-30-0 -- question is moved

VOTE -- send it back to sponsor ...via ways & means

8:48 p.m. electronic vote ... majority vote needed - FAILED

8:51 p.m. vote to fund the $81,000 -- majority vote needed --

64-45-2 -- PASSED- Hoops & Homework program funded ...

8:53 p.m. BREAK

9:12 p.m. Back from break - Moderator speaking - going over some announcements

Norma Shulman speaking - TMM5 -- Town Clerk's office and check in table - beg each of you to check your papers ... master list has disappeared - Town Meeting numbers and email addresses - Precincts 1 & 2...

*** 109 Town Meeting members present tonight

Article #11 -- Dennis Paulsen - sponsor of the article - for a motion -- eastleigh farm petition ... begin billing for water service effective 11/1/12

In 2006 discovered Eastleigh never billed for town water ...

Eastleigh lost two building in a fire in the 1930s...

Town has easements for eastleigh -- main water pipe was not in the easement -- could have been a mapping era ... sometimes in the 1980s, lay new the pipe outside the easement and then switch them over ... so legal mess - pipes are not whee they are supposed to be ...

Eastliegh has no meter and was not billed ... it has pressure reduction valves installed inside their buildings ...- Paulsen speaking on his presentation.

9:28 p.m. -- unbilled water almost $80,0000 .. thisissue has dragged on for decades .. water billing goes back to the 80s...

Committee reports -- Fincom chair -- take no position on this article

ways & means chair speaking -- ask town meeting to show support for billing of water service beginning Nov .1 ... as you heard a lot of history here ...  11-0--0 to recommend favorable action as presented by the sponsor.

9:35 p.m. Town Meeting members to speak

Kevin Crotty - TMM7 - speaking -- giving some historical background ...

Jeanne Bullock speaking -- TMM5 -- gentleman's agreements .. time to stop giving them free water .. they are billing the rest of us for water...

Point of information -- Ted Anthony - TMM1 --

Paulsen -- Town Meeting can not rescind the sleectmen's agreement with Eastleigh Farms ...resolution is to have selectmen adhere to their own agreement.

Selectmen Chair Charlie speaking ... resolution to aks the selectmen to do what we voted to do .. we've been dealing with this ....

9:44 p.m.

Dan Giltinson -- TMM14 -- I don't think any taxpayer should help subside a farm .. a majority of us have to pay own own bills ... situation about to talk about .. hitting us too close to our hearts and wallets .. situation exists due to selectmen/water commissioners .. they had failed ... I wish selectmen have decided to look out for one special resident in town .. this resident has been getting free water for the past 6 years -- new member of the standing committee for public works ...and new town meeting member -- you the taxpayers have to pay your own water and sewer bills. ..this resident si the owner of eastleigh farms -- or he should put a well in .. selectmen gave him a date of early november to put the well in ... I have a funnyfeelling that he is going to ask for an exception .. I don't know how he can free water year afteryear .. is this fair for you?? ..urge you to vote against every incumbent when they run for re-election .. we will not accept busines as usual .. this has been going on way to long ...

Point of Order - Kathy Vassar - chair of precinct 1 -- town meeting member was elected to the standing committee of public works ...

Dunne -- TMM9 - speaking - this is a resolution? Town Meeting can not tell the selectmen was to do as water commissioners.

Dennis Giombetti -

Peter Sellers - DPW director speaking -- relative to the answer charge - there is no sewer being used ...

Giombetti- I can not allow the previous speakers comments to go unchallenged ... water usuage being given to that property unmetered ... he will bebilled for water Nov. 1. .. if well not installed .. retroactive bill to July 1 2012....

Michael Hugo -- Precinct 2 -- Chair of Board of Health -- we are the authority on wells - find it rather bizzare .. to see the subject of the property -- there is a 700 foot well -- well is in the process of being connected -- board of health had him going through several steps ... in the process of being connected  ..

on personal level .. how can town meeting put its will over an agreement by selectmen - its bad government .. he got the permit ... he does not own eastleigh Farms ... he is stewart or a trustee of the property .. that farm should always be here for the beauty of our town ...

equity -- everyone should pay their share and pay their water bills ... the abutting property next to eastleigh does not pay for their water ...HUGO.

William Lebarge - TMM16 - speaking --

Steve Orr - TMM1 -- I'm getting lost here - on the insanity of this motion ... I don't understand why we are making waves here .. there is a process in play.

Motion tomove the question - 2/3rd majority needed -- PASSED

moderator -- reading the motion on the resolution ...

10:05 p.m. -- Electronic voting --

51-28-18 abstain -- PASSED

10:06 p.m.

#12 -- Motion from Dennis Paulsen -- refer back to sponsor - hand vote -- PASSED

#13 motion from Dennis Paulsen -- refer back to sponsor - hand vote - PASSED

Motion to adjourn --- Gloria Geller -- PASSED

Town Meeting will resume on Tuesday night ...

10:08 p.m.


























John Sullivan October 20, 2012 at 02:23 AM
After the bombshell dropped at the end of the night about another property getting free town water...Any follow-up? Will this be pursued just as Eastliegh was? I haven't seen or heard anything in the paper about this...


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