Hotel and Gas Station Possible for Northwest Corner of Route 6 and Interstate 55

Channahon to discuss annexation of the property at its Dec. 3 meeting.

If all goes as planned, the property on the northwest corner of Route 6 and the Interstate 55 Interchange in Channahon will be a planned unit development that includes a gas station and a hotel.

At the board meeting on Monday Chananhon trustees will vote on the annexation agreement. But the property has not yet been acquired by the developer.

“What has to happen is Bluestone has to complete its transaction with the Hammel family,” Channahon Community Development Director Mike McMahon said.

Bluestone Retail Partners LLC is planning to develop just under 14 acres of the property, which is on the northwest corner of the intersection. The remaining property, on the south side of the street, is not part of the proposed development. All of the property  is currently owned by the Hammel family.

The property once housed Treasure Island Mobile Home Park, which was torn down nearly a decade ago.

If the Channahon Village Trustees approve the annexation agreement at the meeting on Dec. 3, the next step is for them to consider the zoning of the property. All annexed properties come into the village as Residential 1.

The property would need to be C4, Automotive Service District, with a special use permit for a planned unit development.

The PUD would specify that there is no overnight truck parking allowed, that a portion of the property must be a hotel and that the property is allowed to erect a highway sign, something McMahon said is currently not allowed in the village code.

“There is a lot on the site plan, lot 4, that will be marketed solely for a limited hotel use,” McMahon said. “Once the annexation agreement is adopted, (the developer) will have two years for that to be the only purpose.

“After two years, they can market it for other businesses.”

At what cost

McMahon said trustees are happy to see development on the property that for years stood only as an eyesore at the entrance to the village. But, considering the issues the village has faced with truck traffic from nearby Pilot, there are concerns.

“Part of this project is the realignment of the Frontage Road,” McMahon said. “They are going to swing the frontage road approximately 800 feet to the northwest, to align with the Frontage Road by the McDonalds.”

Once the realignment is complete, there is the additional question of the possibility of a traffic light at the newly-formed intersection.

“As Bluestone goes through their process of designing the road … we would have to petition IDOT to vary from that 1,250 foot standard (between traffic signals), McMahon said. “We feel it’s warranted.”

The proposed development was recommended for approval by both the planning and zoning board and the Community Economic Development Commission.

“I think it’s reality,” McMahon said. “The board realizes that this is right off the highway.

“There’s not a lot of uses that would generate the type of revenue that this one would; the reality is that the trucks are here and the village should take advantage of it.”

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Editor's Note: A typo was corrected in this post. Patch regrets the error.

Adam November 30, 2012 at 05:54 PM
You know what would be nice? Just replace the Manor Motel with a bit less of an eye sore and develop a grocery store and some restaurants where people want to eat, and please, no more pizza places!
Jacki McHale November 30, 2012 at 06:14 PM
I like the idea... but I'm torn as well. We can't get rid of the truckers on the other side of the high way. But we can hope for a nicer hotel, maybe a restaurant inside? Do we REALLY need a gas station there? BP across the street, and the other two across 55? I mean I don't use ANY of those, Caseys and the Super Pantry on 6 are much more friendly and cheaper gas. We were happy that Treasure Island was removed when we first moved here, being that it was an eye sore to our town. Hoping we don't replace it with another eye sore. USE the exit right off the highway for a POSITIVE and WELCOMING view to our Village!
Mary November 30, 2012 at 11:10 PM
I had heard this was to be a Travel Center of America. That makes me think differently than just saying a gas station and hotel. It may be a nightmare with the trucks, the other side of the highway gets very backed up especially in bad weather because the trucks can't make the grade up that hill - even though they are not supposed to be turning that way they do it all of the time! Hopefully consideration is going into what the increased truck traffic will cause in wear and tear on the road and bridge over 55 already in need of some TLC. I am not sure how you can avoid the overnight truck parking if there will be a hotel there. The article does not say what the revenue will be, but hopefully our board is weighing all of the facts to make an intelligent decision that will benefit our Village and not agree to something that could be a worse eyesore than the trailer park was.
Earnan Drummann December 01, 2012 at 03:05 PM
I thought I was the hottest guy in town.
votermom December 17, 2012 at 03:25 PM
It is a Tracel Center. There are 22 truck parking spaces planned. There are no deals for a hotel or 'restaurant', which most likely will be a Steak and Shake which is what a few other Thornton's Travel Centers have. There is no guarantee that the frontage roads will be aligned, nor that there will be an a light, nor that there will be widening of the roads. They will realign the one frontage road. Lots of hopes and looking at the almighty dollar rather than what is good for the town.


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