Selectmen Vote in Favor of Lambert's Beer and Wine License

Selectmen previously heard from Lambert's on April 23.


The Westwood Board of Selectmen voted in favor of a beer and wine license for at Monday night's meeting, completing .

The board had held the vote at the previous meeting as they wanted further information on how Lambert's would ensure proper sales, and that employees selling the alcoholic beverages were Training and Intervention Procedures for Servers of alcohol (T.I.P.S.) certified.

Anthony Lambert, a Lambert's principle owner, and Bradford Jewson, who will manage alcohol inventory, spoke to the board.

"We're just looking to enhance the store for our customers," Lambert said.

Jewson is currently both a tenant of and an independent contractor of Lambert's, where he prepares meat. Because the beer and wine will be located closeby where he works, he is being hired at Lambert's as the alcohol manager. He will be responsible for inventory, stocking and ordering of beer and wine, he said.

Lambert said seven employees are currently T.I.P.S. certified, a number he plans to increase to 10. Alcohol will be sold at only one register in the store, and employees will not accept out-of-state licenses or identifications for sale.

At the April meeting, Lambert's representatives had asked for only a wine license, but changed their mind between meetings. Lambert and Jewson said they would still be using the same amount of floor space as they had said they would at that meeting.

These provisions satisfied the questions of the board, which voted 3-0 in favor of the license under the condition that Lambert's prove that they are hiring Jewson to serve in the managerial role.

Earlier this year, the board voted to allow the sale of beer and wine at  and 

"We take this very seriously," board clerk Patrick Ahearn told Lambert and Jewson. "We don't want any problems."


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