Westwood Police Use Reverse 911 Call to Advise Residents of Safety Tips

A series of home break-ins over the last couple of months led the Westwood Police Department to send out a recorded message reminding residents about safety tips.

According to the Boston Globe, Westwood police sent out a reverse 911 call with a recorded message on every residential landline in town on Wednesday night.

This comes after several home break-ins over the past couple of months. The purpose of the call was to advise residents of the increase in break-ins, as well as advising them of some safety tips to help prevent a potential break-in.

Westwood Police Detective Paul Toland told Patch that many of the safety tips they recommend may sound like obvious things, but that sometimes people get very comfortable and forget to do things like lock their door. He hopes that this will help remind people to do these things, and that this will help curb the break-ins that have been happening.

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Michelle Berluti October 12, 2012 at 01:00 PM
The Reverse 911 call to Westwood residents was long over due but a much appreciated advisement. In the past 7 months, my home was robbed, followed by 2 additional attempted break ins. Through conversations with friends, I have learned of dozens and dozens of homes around town that have also been robbed along with a flurry of attempted break ins. While the Patch does a terrific job of posting daily police activity, not everyone subscribes to the Patch, and often times there is little information stated in the Press and Hometown Weekly. Westwood residents deserve to be fully apprised of the break ins and anything else that threatens our sense of security. It would also be helpful if the WPD would identify how they plan to combat/reduce the recent crime spree blanketing Westwood. We as a community should not bury our heads in the sand and act as though all is wonderful. Neighbors should look out for each and pay attention to unfamiliar faces roaming the neighborhood. The last thing I want is for my family to live in fear. We realize times have changed and crime is spilling into the suburbs. Unfortunately, we have lost of carefree, welcoming ways and our doors and windows must always be locked and alarms set on a daily basis.


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