Westwood Police Log: Burglary

The following information is provided by the Westwood Police Department. When an arrest is mentioned it does not mean there has been a conviction.

Tuesday, September 4

Burglary (2:47 p.m.) - A resident of East St. reported that their house had been broken into. A two-way window fan had been pushed into the house from the outside so the burglar could gain access to the home. A laptop and jewelry were taken, although interestingly there were other items that appeared to have been left behind.

This case is still under investigation. The Westwood Police Department reports that they were able to gather some forensic evidence, and this evidence has been sent off so it can be processed.

This is not the first burglary in recent weeks in Westwood. You may remember an less than two weeks ago. The suspect arrested in that case is still in jail, though, and no direct links have been established between the two cases.


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