Westwood Police Log: Bad Attitude, Stranger at Door

The following information was provided by the Westwood Police Department. Any arrests mentioned do not indicate that there have been convictions.

Monday, September 24

Attitude Problem (2:35 p.m.) - An Orchard Cir. resident called to report that a school bus had driven over the landscape. The resident had said something to the driver and didn't like the driver's attitude. Officers were able to mediate the situation.

Tuesday, September 25

Vehicle Towed (7:59 a.m.) - A caller reported a suspicious red van near Cobleigh St. and Washington St. When officers responded they noticed a vehicle with a similar description that had a suspended registration. This vehicle was towed.

Stolen IPhone (8:56 a.m.) - The high school administration called to report a stolen IPhone. A student left the phone in a backpack outside a classroom and when they came back the backpack was still there but the IPhone was missing.

Unknown Doorbell Ringer (3:24 p.m.) - A Bridle Path resident called to report that a suspicious woman came to the door and rang the doorbell. The resident didn't recognize the person outside, so after 20 minutes decided to call the police.


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