Westwood Hires New Police Chief

Jeffrey Silva will lead the department.

New Bedford Police Lt. Jeffrey Silva is the new Westwood Police chief.

Silva was chosen from a field of 65 candidates, according to the Westwood Police website

Silva has been a member of the New Bedford Police Department for the past 20 years, and has a master's degree in Spanish from Middlebury College, as well as a degree from the University of Massachusetts School of Law. He also did a command training program at Babson College.

“This is a very involved community that fits with my policing style,” Silva told the Board of Selectmen at the May 13 meeting, according to the website.

Silva is stepping in to replace Chief William Chase, who resigned in January.

According to the Westwood Police website, "Silva’s work with the New Bedford department included commanding a platoon of officers in the downtown district, as well as serving as a detective lieutenant. He also worked with a multi-jurisdiction task force with the Drug Enforcement Agency. Silva said that what he saw in Westwood matched with how he wanted his law enforcement career to continue.

"'In terms of leadership styles, there are only three types of people; those that make things happen, those that merely talk about making things happen and those that are left wondering, 'What happened?'' said Silva. 'I promise this board and this community I am ready to work together and that I will make things happen.  I'm eager to get to work.'


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