Oh My: Dangerous Detour, Concerning Staring

Also in strange police news, a customer tried to pass off fake cash.

Because this ended happily, it's fair fodder for our OMG PD column.

I hate rush-hour traffic as much as the next gal, but taking a detour along some railroad tracks wouldn't be my first thought. The car got stuck and she got out of the car while waiting for police.

Monopoly money?

I'm guessing that the Holliston gas station employee who called police about an alleged crime three days after it happened delayed reporting the crime because he didn't know about it immediately. (Fake bills were passed off as real money.) But it's funnier to imagine the employee staring at Monopoly money for a few days, determining it wasn't real currency, and calling police.

Staring contest?

A 911 caller in Sherborn reported seeing a one-vehicle crash this week on the Natick line.


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