City Employee Charged with Child Pornography

A Charlestown man was arrested on Friday for possession of child pornography.

James Mansfield, 47 of Charlestown was arrested on Friday and charged with possession of child pornography. According to BPD News, his arrest came after an Internet investigation revealed Mansfield was actively engaging in graphically sexual chats and exchanging photographs of boys in various stages of undress.

Boston Police executed a search warrant at Mansfield’s home and discovered evidence on his personal computer.

Mansfield was placed on Administrative leave effective immediately from his executive assistant position in the Boston Transportation Department. Mansfield had worked for the City since September of 1984.

Mayor Menino released this statement in reaction to these charges:

"It deeply saddens me that anyone could endanger any young person, but to know the individual that allegedly perpetrated these acts is truly devastating. As a father and grandfather I am at a loss on what to say about this case other than to assure residents that this employee will no longer be employed by the City of Boston and that we will continue to cooperate in the investigation. Without question, this type of behavior is heinous, and many of his colleagues will be shocked by the news and grieving for the victims. The City of Boston is making Employee Assistance counselors and outreach workers available here at City Hall, as well as in Charlestown where Mr. Mansfield was an involved parent and resident."

Boston Police detectives assigned to the Crimes Against Children Unit are investigating this matter further.   

Joseph October 17, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Innocent, I doubt it. Cyber evidence is extremely difficult to discredit. It can all be traced backed to that particular location. I'm not the monster for keeping Charlestown residents aware of this predator. If this monster was in your neighborhood, I would expect you'd do everything in your power to keep the community aware of his location. As for his family, I honestly feel bad for them. Doesn't change the fact that I care more about the majority than the minority. You should do the same.
DebinVT October 17, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I believe that posting an address is just as dangerous as how you are perceiving Jim to be. One child's safety is equally our responsibility as the next. To say otherwise is unconscionable.
mm October 17, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Joseph, why do you feel that your opinion has to be the only way and if not you dont shut up. Are you the police, lawyer, judge or any other law enforcement involved in this case? You have no idea what they actually have as evidence and that big "what if" Mr Mansfield is innocent. This man has children who did nothing wrong and continue to go through hell. Let them be! The families address is irrelevant and by now the large majority knows where not to bring their children. Were you directly affected by this? Let those involved handle it in the appropriate manner and you worry about you!
Joseph October 17, 2012 at 04:39 PM
mm: I'm nobody. My opinion means nothing. However, when people start inappropriately flagging comments, I have a problem with that. When this first became public, nobody knew the location of where this guy lived. You say they now do. I say they still don't. Why do I think it's important? So the community is kept informed. I believe you do as well, but don't approve how it's being disseminated. Back to his family. It's difficult to disagree with you about how they must be hurting, but I honestly don't really care. Call me callous. If Jim didn't care about how this would affect his family, or how it would affect the neighborhood, why should I? How about the family members of the victims? Whomever they may be? I'm more concerned for them. Jim's family may be the victims of collateral damage, but such is life. Point fingers at the one arrested, not me. DebinVT: I never published his address. I actually asked why some addresses are posted and others aren't. But you don't see that post because it was removed by his supporters who flagged a fair question. All my posts are the location, so people can stay far away.
Nate Homan October 17, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Hi everyone, This story's been live for nearly a week, so everyone's had ample time to be heard. Unfortunately, we've been getting an increasing number of posts that are offensive or otherwise violate our terms of service. Because of that, we're gonna shut down the comment thread on this story. This is obviously a contentious issue, and most folks have acted with restraint even while posing tough questions. Thank you for participating in this conversation and thank you for reading the Charlestown Patch.


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