What is Westwood’s Biggest Issue?

We want to hear from you and see if there's a consensus among readers.

Different people care about different issues in their town and Westwood is no different. 

And there's no doubt about it - there's lots going on in Westwood these days. From University Station to the updating of Westwood's Comprehensive Master Plan, to traffic-calming discussions and the infamous East Street Bridge there are a number of issues that are at the height of the discussion. 

Today, we want to hear from you. Which of these issues do you think is the most important and impactful for Westwood? Or are you more focused on , Westwood Day or the New Westwood Public Library?

Tell us in the comments section what the biggest issue Westwood is currently facing, according to you. It can be something you feel will have a long-term impact on the town or an issue that you are personally concerned about.

Jan Galkowski August 22, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Given Westwood's hummocky terrain and the great storms that are to come, addressing both the problems of excessive stream and pond water flow, and emergency measures to address the resulting crises.
K August 23, 2012 at 10:58 PM
I would say the 500 new apartments they want to add at university station. Why do we need to have apartments at all? It's not working out so great for Dedham Legacy Place. Also, how is this going to effect the schools. People are trying to get in to this town for the school system, wouldn't renting one of the 500 apartments be a great way to do that? This never ends up being a good thing for any town. 50 and over is fine, other then that don't bother. And this is not going to lower our taxes that much. I would rather pay the taxes and not have the apartments.
WW Resident August 24, 2012 at 02:30 PM
The "Hey Selectman" article included some comments that fall under this category: Many residents have voiced concern over residences (rental or own) being included in the development plans for Westwood Station, particularly for the impact it would have on the school system. Will the town challenge the developers to present a plan that does not include residences? I understand money will be needed for public safety resources/facilities for this development. The town/developers can address the public safety issue through money (spending/budgeting here), but there's concern they will attempt to address the school impact concerns with money as well. Yeah the town could use increased tax revenue to add teachers and modular classrooms to Islington elementary schools and this will logistically address increased student enrollment resulting from Westwood Station, but it does nothing to address the expected increase in transient families/students which would impact the character of the town. Also "TIme for Change" commented that our Fire Dept needs consideration for resources/staffing and captial investments/renovations... very true.


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