Obvious Clues Ensure Hit-and-Run Driver's Capture

Also in unusual or quirky police news this week, we took note of a driver who had no hope of avoiding arrest, a mother and son duo and a case meant for ghostbusters.

Isn't one of the lessons in Crime 101 to leave no trace?

Milford Police had their job made easier this week when a hit-and-run suspect left a trail. A caller said a vehicle struck his car and took off: police were able to follow a trail of antifreeze to the suspect's vehicle. But, even if they hadn't found the antifreeze, the suspect had given them another clue: her license plate.

One of the quickest ways to get yourself arrested...

...is to attempt to run down a cop. The woman was arrested later the same day when police spotted her vehicle and deployed stop sticks.

All in the family.

A woman gave up her son this week when a credit card she used to try to buy syringes in Framingham was denied. The woman, who hasn't been charged with a crime, told police that her son, a Marlborough resident, had stolen the credit card she was trying to use. The man was arrested in connection with stealing an elderly woman's purse.

This is a case for ghostbusters!

A Medfield woman was compelled to call police this week when a light went on downstairs, and then off. There was, however, no one home. She yelled downstairs and got no response. .


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