Oh My: Loose 'Iguana,' Skateboard Dog

We report the odd and quirky police news from across the region.

I think one of these was loose in my toy box the other day.

The person called back and reported, upon further inspection, that it was a plastic iguana.

Not sure what the crime is here...

I have a couple of thoughts: 1) I'm assuming the skateboarder was simply holding the dog's leash, and that's how the skateboard was moving. I can't imagine the dog would physically be attached to the skateboard, and 2) This is dangerous, certainly: but what was the caller's intention when calling the police? Perhaps dog skateboarding is against Medfield bylaws.

The case of the noisy TV.

A Sherborn resident called to complain about a loud party in the neighborhood. Officers could not find the noise or the house. A short while later the resident called back again with a specific address that he thought was the noisy house. After speaking with the resident who placed the call, officers were able to determine that the noise was coming from within his house from a TV in the other room.


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