Oh My: Fleeing Santa, Camouflaged Men

Also in unusual news, a resident suspected a neighbor of running a drug lab.

Is Sylvester Stallone Making a Sequel?

We googled to see if another Rambo sequel was in the making locally, but came up short.

What's more suspicious: the Santa hat before Thanksgiving, or the fleeing?

A neighboring police department asked Milford police for assistance this week when a man near the town border was seen fleeing from a property on foot. The man was described as wearing a Santa hat. Police caught up with him. He was a solicitor for Verizon, and had no badge on him.

Breaking Bad's Popularity Evident in Hopkinton

The person who called Hopkinton police on a neighbor this week may be a fan of the hit television show, Breaking Bad, which features a chemistry teacher-turned-meth-cook. The person said they believed their neighbor may have been running a “drug lab.” Officers responded and did not smell anything suspicious.


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