Where Did the Purple 'Out of a Cartoon Book' Come From?

You asked us to find out where the design from the high school scoreboard came from, particularly the colors. We asked around and this is what we found.

Some people have asked us recently about the scoreboard at the Westwood High School football field.

Where did the design for the logo come from? Why is there purple on the scoreboard when green and white are Westwood's traditional colors?

We set out to find these answers, which led us to Heath Petracca, the Director of Business and Finance for the Westwood Public Schools. Petracca said that during the construction project they hired a design company to come up with the logo and design the color scheme for the sign. The purple was added to simply complement the traditional Westwood green.

So there you have it. You asked... Patch Answered!

WW Resident September 20, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Did the design company decide to just add purple? Or did the town ask for it? Purple complementing green? Doesn't make sense and looks bad to me... this sign (along with those silly generic sport banners - that have purple in them too - alongsside the exterior wall facing Nahatan) is an embarassment. They should have consistent mascot, lettering, and color for Westwood athletics for signage and apparel/uniforms.


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