Westwood Psych. Hospital Death Case Hits Jury

A jury will now decide if a Westwood hospital is responsible for a 14-year-old's death in 2006.

In their closing arguments on Monday, lawyers attempted to sway jurors who will soon decide if a Westwood hospital is liable for the death of a 14-year-old patient who died from the side effects of a brain tumor in 2006, according to Fox 25 News

"Lawyers for the mother of patient Monique Payne say the for-profit Westwood Lodge, which is owned by United Health Services, puts profits over patient safety by failing to adequately staff the adolescent ward and by not training staff to look out for Payne's symptoms," the Fox 25 News article says.

Ben Novotny, a lawyer representing Monique's mother, said the hospital ignored the girl's cries for help and that her ailment could have been easily treated. 

"They don't listen. They think she's faking. They think she's attention-seeking. They refuse to go see her," Novotny said.

The hospital's attorney, Thomas Farchione said the staff followed protocol, checking on the girl frequently and not noticing severe symptoms. 

Jennifer McGowan January 30, 2013 at 12:22 AM
I understand what she was going through due to beind a patient there numerous of times. She should have been able to go to the hospital even if there was not enough staff there also they should have called the doc to come and check her out as well so yes they are to blame for her death and they should have to pay for what happen with this young girl...


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