University Station Meeting Cancelled

The next Planning Board meeting takes place on Feb. 12.

The Westwood Planning Board's scheduled meeting on the ongoing discussions on the town's University Station has been cancelled, the town website says. 

The next hearing on the proposed facility will take place on Thursday where town officials will review traffic relative to the site. 

Additional Planing Board meetings are scheduled for Feb. 12 and 26. 

For all of our University Station coverage, head here. 

Greg Gliomach February 06, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Hi Justin- I went to the link in the article and I did not find any notice about a meeting being cancelled. You did not specify which meetng was cancelled. You just state the "scheduled" meeting The next scheduled meeting on the town website seems to be the Feb. 7 meeting on traffic. Can you please clarify what meeting was cancelled and where that notice might be? Thanks!
sean April 07, 2013 at 07:24 PM
I went to one of John Antonucci's presentations. Now, He claimed this project is good for schools, financially- to be precise. School enrollment is projected to decline at westwood, new students brought in by this project means new revenues, no needs to layoff teachers, consolidate schools. Besides this, school district is expected to receive a one time pay-out of $2.25 millions. He could use this money to build two more classrooms at Deerfield, and save the left money for future technology updates. When he was talking, I noticed he and his staffs are using shinny Mac laptops. Apple is an inventive company, it sure would't disappoint him. Yes, if I were a public official, I might also have a lot of expectations. This is an exciting moment. All of us have wishes, expectations, and assumptions. Rarely, we burden ourselves with inconveniences when we make wishes, and we tend to believe the "three wishes" story happens only to stupid and greedy people, while we are not. For this project, we implicitly assumes increasing house supplies close to 20 percent would not adversely affect housing prices, and tax collectors assume they could still collect same property tax from an insane base as if there is no tomorrow. School officials assume the quality of school could still be great without helps from staying home Moms. In Boston area, the housing price is driven by zoning policy and quality of school. The incomes do not support the absurd price. This is not a given.


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