Meet Todd Korchin, the New Westwood DPW Director

After spending the past three months as the Interim Co-Director of the Westwood Department of Public Works, the Board of Selectmen recently removed the Interim tag from longtime DPW employee Todd Korchin's job title.


Longtime Westwood Department of Public Works employee Todd Korchin recently spoke with Patch about his appointment to the DPW Director's post. In the chat, Korchin, who just purchased a house in Westwood with his wife and children, reflected upon his early days with the DPW, how he's grown over the years, getting the new job and his outlook for the future.

Patch: What was your first reaction when you heard that the Board of Selectmen has chosen you as the new DPW Director?

Korchin: I was very, very excited. I was a heavy equipment operator 10 years ago, and two years ago I became a highway superintendent. It's been an amazing ride, and I hope to continue to prosper.

Patch: How did you you get your start with the DPW here in Westwood?

Korchin: After I graduated from Northeastern in 2001 (with a degree in criminal justice) I didn't find a job right away... I was supposed work for the DPW for about 2 weeks mowing lawns on traffic islands. [Korchin laughs about how he had to have other people show him how to use all the equipment.] All the guys have been amazing [in all the different DPW departments].

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Patch: What is your goal for the DPW in the near future? What do you most want to accomplish?

Korchin: I have the desire to keep our department one of the top departments in the area. Vicki (Quiram, the previous DPW Director) brought in a high level of morale. There's a lot we've accomplished and there's a lot to look forward to. I'm very excited.

Patch: What are one or two of things that you'd most like to do over the next couple of months?

Korchin: We were approved for two bonds at Town Meeting for road construction and equipment. I'm also thinking about the next 2-3 years. The storm water management, the fleet... I'd like to get a set schedule [Korchin explains, for example, so they would pave roads the same time every year].

Patch: Is there anything else you would like people to know about you or the DPW?

Korchin: I'd like the public to know what we're doing. I'd like to keep everyone informed. I want the public to think they can call us and we'll get the job done.


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