I-93/I-95 Traffic Pattern Changes Commence November 27

On November 27, the Randolph to Westwood I-93/I-95 (Route 128) construction to widen the road will begin to come to a close as the new lane will begin opening.

The following information was submitted by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation:

Beginning at 5:00 AM on Tuesday, November 27th, construction crews will begin to open the remaining portions of the newly constructed fourth travel lane on the section of interstate roadway between Randolph and Westwood.

The project limits begin in Randolph on I-93 at the interchange with Route 24 (Exit 4). From there, the project extends west toward Canton Junction, where I-93 ends, and the roadway becomes I-95 (Route 128). Lastly, the project continues along I-95 (Route 128) to Route 109 (Exit 16) in Westwood.

The opening of the new travel lane is scheduled to occur as follows:

  • The section of I-95 (Route 128) North between East Street (Exit 14) and a point just south of Route 109 (Exit 16) will open at 5:00 AM on Tuesday, November 27th
  • The section of I-95 (Route 128) North between the point where the on ramp from I-95 North ties in and East Street (Exit 14) will open at 5:00 AM on Wednesday, November 28th
  • The section of I-93 South between Route 138 (Exit 2) and the point where I-95 (Route 128) North begins will open at 5:00 AM on Thursday, November 29th.
  • The section of I-93 South between Ponkapoag Trail (Exit 3) and Route 138 (Exit 2) will open at 5:00 AM on Friday, November 30th.
  • The section of I-93 South between Route 24 (Exit 4) and Ponkapoag Trail (Exit 3) will open at 5:00 AM on Saturday, December 1st.

The above schedule is subject to change if inclement weather occurs and delays the completion of required work items.

Please note: in conjunction with the opening of the new fourth travel lane in each of the above segments, the authorized use of the breakdown lane for travel during weekday peak commuting periods will concurrently be discontinued.  Drivers should use extreme caution and pay particular attention to posted warning and regulatory signs when traveling within the above segments.

The work is part of a $53.7 million project to widen a 5.5 mile section of Route I-93/Route I-95/ Route 128 between Randolph and Westwood to provide an additional travel lane in each direction.


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