5 Things: The Day After the Election

Westwood on September 7, 2012. Here are some things you want to know.

1. While the here in Westwood yesterday for the primary election, there were some results in what was probably the most well-contested race. for the Republican spot on the ballot in November, both here in Westwood and overall in Massachusetts.

2. will be hosting the 9th annual Hale Triathlon this Sunday. There are races for adults and youths. This event supports the campership fund. You can register at the Hale website, or on the day of the event, which starts at 9 a.m.

3. The Friends of Westwood Performing Arts are currently seeking out people interesting in placing an advertisement in their program book. The FWPA is an organization made up of volunteers who are dedicated to supporting the performing arts in the Westwood Schools. Each year they award scholarships, give access to cultural events, provide refreshments for performers, and pay for enrichment programs, promotional signage, equipment and supplies. The FWPA raises money through membership dues, donations, a prize raffle and advertisements in the program book. If you're interested in placing an ad, just go to the FWPA homepage and follow the instructions.

4. Check out how started things off on the right foot this year with juniors and seniors taking the freshmen under their wing.

5. One election down, one more to go. While it's not until November 6, we'll certainly be there. Yes, our main focus is to bring you the most important local information right here in Westwood. But sometimes things that happen outside the borders of this town are just as important, and while we won't stray too far, we will occasionally be bringing you information about the November General Election. With that said, we still want to make sure we provide you with the best local coverage here in Westwood. One way you can ensure that you never miss one of our top headlines is by signing up for our newsletter. Every morning you'll receive our top stories delivered right to your inbox.


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