Married Soccer Dad Looking for Ladyfriend; Free Ride to Jersey

Here are this week's Craigslist highlights.

Looking to unload a frontloader

Someone Northborough is giving away a Gallery front loading washing machine for free. It "works through to the spin cycle, then the spin makes a clunking noise - like a bearing is bad. It is on the road for pickup."

The home "became too small"; now these cats need homes

A person in Milford needs to find homes for five adult cats, all of which are roughly five years old. They are well mannered cats, but this person's living situation is "becoming far too small for them and it is only fair to send them to a better home." We have to wonder if the person thought that the home would grow after adopting the cats, or if it is shocking that the home is too small for five cats now.

If it doesn't scare the crap out of you

There is a pretty creepy looking (depending on the movies you've seen) Pierrot doll or the large variety for sale for only $5. The doll is from Germany, but now resides in Shrewsbury.

Stop! No need to buy those centerpieces for the bat mitzvah

Someone in Northborough is giving away a plethora of centerpieces for bar/bat mitzvahs that include themes such as girls soccer, boys hocky, guitars, and boys soccer. They're in perfect condition and include the bases.

Maybe you thought he wasn't interested. He is, silly!

And this clear message on Craigslist ought to just seal the deal. Recently at the Christmas Tree Shoppes in Framingham, a guy noticed you. You being blonde and in your late 40s or early 50s. He's not sure if you noticed him, and says he tried to make eye contact but "maybe you thought I wasn't interested." Well, clearly he is!  

Married soccer dad looking for a mom

He's a "normal married white soccer dad type of guy" from Natick. But he'd like to find a married girl in the same situation, which is a "little bored and curious with the current home life. Would be fun to connect and see where things go." Again, this is in the "platonic" section. Note: another "married soccer dad" from Natick posted days before. The only difference? He was 40. Either the married soccer dad just had a birthday, or lied about his age.

Did you need a ride to Jersey?

Someone in Natick is taking off to Parsippany, NJ, on Friday, Feb. 15, after 5 p.m. He'd like to share the ride with someone. He'll be driving back to town on Feb. 18.


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