Homeless Family Looks for Someone to Take Dog

This week's Best of Craigslist also features missed connections and job opportunities (including looking for someone to 'plasture.'

This week, Framingham is loaded with some nice freebies.

Here are this week's picks, folks.

Don't stand ... don't stand so...don't stand so close to me ...

Temptation, frustration ... so bad it makes him cry. OK, maybe not cry. But a 42-year-old teacher in MetroWest can't stop thinking about the female student he had in his class last semester. "You were my student last semester, and now I can't stop thinking of you. I know nothing can happen between us as long as you are student in the school, but I hope you remember me after you graduate this coming May. I hope your classes are going well."

Homeless family looking for a home for their yellow lab

A family from Milford who announce that they will soon be homeless does not want their dog to be homeless, too. The family is seeking a home for Lilly, a yellow lab who loves people and loves to play in the park. "I want a kind person to take me. I'm 18 months old and want a new home ASAP."

He's straight, but he fantasizes about you ... and you cut his hair

We know this much from the post: there's a guy named Mark in Shrewsbury who cut another guy's hair recently. The guy says he is straight, but he still fantasizes about Mark. He asks nothing of this, other than wanting to know if Mark the hair stylist also fantasizes about him.

Massage is just a hobby, and he's not a "creep"

There's a 46-year-old guy in Marlborough who is interested in giving a massage to a woman. The massage, he says, is "truthfully platonic." "I give a great massage, it has been a hobby of mine for years and I have been to a number of classes as well. Again not about sex, its about being with someone, enjoying company, getting a massage, and if you really enjoy it you might feel like trying your hands at it."

Someone to go out to 'plasture'

This person in Milford may also need lessons in the English language. He or she is looking for "some who does plasture." Perhaps the plastering is in the pasture? "I need some one to mud and tape a small job. Can be ready Friday.20 hr or you can give me a quote. If goes well more opertunities will be available. Send me quick email and please have experiance. Thanks"

Married Natick guy looks for an engaging lunch date, and not to instigate an affair

In a long, detailed description posted from a Natick man on Craigslist, the married person is looking for a woman for an engaging lunch date. "Yes, I am married, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't be able to meet new people and make new friends," he said, adding that it is not a veiled attempt at initiating an extra-marital fling. Rather, it "is simply emblematic of my need for a new outlet because, as horrible as it sounds, the whole family-life-thing can just suck the life out of you at times to the point where you no longer remember who you are as an individual (and please, I don't want to hear any grief about that statement because we have all been there at one time or another)."

Oh, that 'ripe' is no big deal 

There's a mighty funky bright red leather chair for free in Framingham. It's got a unique design (the pic is attached). But as the poster says, "There's a ripe on the side easy to be fixed." And while you're out and about in Framingham, if you had a need for six gallons of used canola oil, that's up for grabs, too. We're not done. There are four office desks, too, up for grabs in Framingham. Nice steal for someone opening their own place.

Tatnuck Booksellers needs a part-time manager

Established bookstore Tatnuck Booksellers in Westborough is seeking a "detailed person" to work 27 hours per week to surpervise and maintain the book department. "Duties also include store opening and closing procedures. Must have basic computer skills."

Blue March 08, 2013 at 08:11 PM
Shrewsbury man Roddy would love to give massage to any women over 25.


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