Westwood Teen Models Hit the Big Stage

Westwood High sophomores Ashley Jermaine and Madison Barrett balance school and other typical teenage activities with modeling careers that may be taking off.

Westwood High School sophomores Ashley Jermaine (Wight) and Madison Barrett have been friends since they were five-years-old, and now, while still maintaining typical teenage lives, they’ve begun to establish themselves as models on the runway and in photo shoots.

In fact, both girls recently had their biggest breaks to date, with both winning major contests/competitions.

Jermaine entered a contest in Seventeen, and she recently received a call saying she had been chosen as the winner. The prize: a full-page ad for CoverGirl.

“I was just shocked,” Jermaine said of how she felt upon hearing the news. “I didn’t even know what was happening.”

Jermaine will be in New York the weekend of November 11 for the photo shoot.

Barrett, on the other hand, has been named a finalist in the Cape Verde Top Model Contest. She will be headed to Cape Verde, an island country off the coast of Western Africa in March to compete for the title alongside 11 other American models and 12 models from Cape Verde.

“I’m pumped,” Barrett said. “I can’t wait for March to come.”

While modeling is their number one passion, both 15-year-olds are well rounded with other interests and talents as well, although it’s hard to find out much about them through their modesty. Barrett is a singer in the school chorus, and she will also be trying out for the school musical Legally Blonde. She also recently began taking hip-hop dance classes. Jermaine has gotten into acting, and has had some featured extra roles in a few movies and television shows.  She is also an anti-bullying activist, participating in Rachel’s Challenge, a program named for Rachel Scott, a victim in the 1999 Columbine Massacre, who wrote in a diary shortly before her death, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” Jermaine also plays on the JV volleyball team.

Still, modeling is their favorite thing to do, and walking the runway is second to none when it comes to thrills and excitement for the two longtime friends.

“The rush of changing outfits while walking…” Jermaine said before being interrupted by Barrett.

“You have maybe 30 seconds to change completely,” Barrett chimes in. “You get to be yourself, everyone’s watching you and you get to wear awesome clothes.”

The two models both recently got to walk the runway during Boston Fashion Week. They walked for Extrinsic and a DH Studio Show, where they were very well received by several designers. Based on the experience they had there, it’s fair to say that they’ll continue to balance school, school activities and their careers for the foreseeable future.

“Walking in Boston Fashion Week was awesome,” Barrett said.


For more information on Ashley Jermaine, including her resume, portfolio and blog, visit her website or her Facebook page.


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